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Play (2011)

Will’s sick with a mystery illness.  He’s in a world of pain and his test results look like David Lynch directed them.  And it seems that no-one, from his GP to his girlfriend, has got a solution.  Well, his sister does, but she’s a homeopath so it’s fairly heavily diluted…

Opened at The Etcetera Theatre, August 3, 2011.

Produced in association with The Nightingale Collaboration

Written by Trent Burton

Directed by Melinda Burton

Produced by Trent Burton and Melinda Burton

Lighting by Tiffany Hudson 

Starring David Swain, Adam Bambrough, Claire Louise Amias, Anna Black and Gigi Burgdorf


“The best peer reviewed play in London” – The Pod Delusion

“The play’s morals elevate it from comedy to satire…Consistently hilarious.” – The New Current

“The dialogue is smart and funny with some cracking one liners.” – Camden Voyeur

“An interesting and successful attempt to encourage skepticism.” – remotegoat 

“Burton clearly has a sharp wit (and there are) genuinely side splitting moments … Moments of inspired genius” – Australian Times

“Quietly and consistently funny and, to be honest, quite sweet.” – The Sky is Falling

“Brilliant performances, a slick, and at times hilarious script, combined with confident and effective staging, makes this an enjoyable and thought-provoking evening out.” – London Student Newspaper

“The production’s cast and script deliver on the comedy front.” – Stage Insider