We’ve created and worked on so many exciting projects over the years, even on this page it’s not possible to list them all. So we’ve picked out some of the bigger projects and listed them here.


A Selection of our Work

The Cosmic Shambles Network (2016 – Current)
Online network of live events, podcasts, documentaries and more. Documentaries and videos include a series made at CERN with Professor Lucie Green, a behind the scenes tour of CERN with Professor Brian Cox and a series all about the brain with Ginny Smith. Podcasts include Speakezee, Loungecast and Book Shambles. Multiple large scale live events also fall under the CSN brand and are detailed below.

Stand Up Maths (2016 – Current)
Online channel of maths documentary videos fronted by Matt Parker that have seen over ten million views. So far, we’ve built an arcade machine with lasers, flown a sink to the other side of the world, built a matchbox computer and lots more.

Book Shambles (2016 – Current)
Acclaimed podcast hosted by Robin Ince and Josie Long with over 1.5 million downloads and counting. Guests have included Bryan Cranston, Alan Moore, Sara Pascoe, Charlotte Church and Stewart Lee and many, many more.

Brian Cox and Robin Ince’s Christmas Compendium of Reason (2014 – Current)
Backstage and podcast production as well as creating many of the pre show short films as part of this annual celebration

Robin Ince + Chris Hadfield’s Space Shambles (2018)
Live event at the Royal Albert Hall to celebrate space exploration, featuring  a wide range of scientists, comedians and musicians

The Future is Now (2018)
Live event for the Mechanical Engineering team at UCL. Sold out night at the Shaw Theatre highlighting current research.

Book Shambles Live (2018)
Live events at the Royal Albert Hall and the Edinburgh Fringe

The Happy Brain (2018)
Book Launch event for author Dean Burnett at Kings Place

Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People (2017)
Four sold out live events at Conway Hall

For Helen and Barry (2017)
Charity comedy night at New Wimbledon Theatre featuring Daniel Kitson, James Acaster, Josie Long, Robin Ince, Billy Bragg and more

Cosmic Superheroes (2017)
Photography Exhibition

Cosmic Shambles LIVE (2017)
Six date live tour of Australia and New Zealand with a huge science, comedy and music variety show. This was the first time these shows had left the UK. Performers included five comedians and scientists from the UK plus lots of local talent.

The Quest for Wonder (2016)
Puppet based family web series adventure starring Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince. Produced in conjunction with the Science Museum.

The Empty Niche: The Long Lost Bust of Moncure Conway
One hour documentary film.

QED Quiz Night (2015 & 2017)
Produced and curated two multimedia quiz nights as part of the QED conference in Manchester.

The Cosmic Genome Quizzicals (2015)
The largest ever science quiz night in London, held at a packed Conway Hall and peppered with special guests, experiments and talks throughout the quiz.

The Infinite Monkey Cage (2014)
Production and direction of the music video with Eric Idle for The Infinite Monkey Cage podcast. Also performed live with the puppets from the music video at The Infinite Monkey Cage live recording at the Edinburgh Fringe that same year.

Show and Tell (2014)
Live event in the tradition of Calvin and Hobbes where scientists brought along a favourite object and used it to tell a story of discovery. Played in London, Cheltenham and Cambridge.

The Incomplete Map of the Cosmic Genome (2013)
Custom made app collecting hundreds of exclusive interviews with world leading scientists and scientifically curious people.

Pale Blue Café (2012)
Short comedy film about Carl Sagan

Dear Harry (2012)
Two episode pilot web series

The Skeptical Plays Trilogy (2009-2011)
Three plays at the Camden Fringe over three years. Rob Is, The Twenty Minute Policy and Alternative

First Hand (2007)
Six part documentary series filmed across eight countries following numbers and maths experts who quit their jobs to become professional online poker plays.

No Refunds (2005)
Play at The Regal Theatre, Subiaco. Starring Kingsley Judd and Charles Bud Tingwell.

Love on the Box (2003)
Award winning eight part sitcom series. First ever sitcom produced in Western Australia.

Corporate Work
We’ve made countless films for many corporate clients over the years. These have ranged from live coverage, to training films to viral videos racking up tens of millions of views. Some of the companies we have created content for include Betfair, Amazon, Synergy PR, The Collective, The Trainline, National Theatre, The Old Vic, Phillips, Hitachi, Future Publishing, Ferrero Rocher, Hampton Court Garden Show, Manchester United, Liverpool FC, Goodwood FOS, Sports Aid, London 2012, BBC, Albion, Online Media Experts, Mischief, Flight Training London, McAlinden Associates, Timeform, Tradefair, Minds Eye TV, Further Maths Support Programme, Maths Inspiration, Festival of the Spoken Nerd, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, A-List Entertainment, Conway Hall Ethical Society and Humanists UK


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