This is a blog.  It’s a blog written by a guy called Trent Burton.  

He’s a thirty something writer / director / producer who was born in Australia but has lived in London for close to the last ten years.

He, along with is wife, run the small production company Trunkman Productions.  They produce their own productions and also partner with external clients to produce high end video based products and services.

Of Trunkman’s own output Trent has written four plays, a sitcom series, a documentary series and a lot of short films.  He also directed, or co-directed, a lot of them.  They were all comedies.  Most of them also had something to do with science.

Recently Trent, along with his wife Melinda and comedian Robin Ince, have created and produced the critically acclaimed science app The Incomplete Map of the Cosmic Genome which is like an interactive science video magazine for interested people.  You should get it.  It’s excellent even if he does say so himself.  It’s got Brian Cox, Chris Hadfield, Helen Czerski and all manner of excellent people in it.

He also writes about motorcycle racing for a couple of websites.  Yes, that’s right he’s a big nerd who writes comedic plays and films about science as well as articles about motorcycling racing.  He also loves many other sports.  But also video games.  He is not made up.  He is a real person.  Honestly he is.

45866_467691836674_4061555_nSee.  He looks like this.  Or at least he did a couple of years ago.  It’s winter right now so he’s put an extra kilo of ‘comfort eating’ weight on.  Also that photo was taken on the sandwalk at Down House, the former home of Charles Darwin.  It’s a lovely day out and he recommends you go.

Anyway on this blog he will write things.  All sorts of incoherent ramblings and things.  Some may be thoughts.  Some may be plugs.  Some may be lefty rants. Some may be short stories.  He really doesn’t know right now.  What he does know though is that he doesn’t make New Year’s resolutions but he did yesterday (which was Dec 29th if you’re interested) and that was to do a regular blog.  So I guess this is it. He really needs to get back into the habit of writing regularly even when he’s not ‘feeling it’ so he can get a few projects finished so this is meant to help with that. The pressure of publishing something is how it’s supposed to work.  Let’s see shall we.

That is all.