Robin Ince and Professor Brian Cox host The Infinite Monkey Cage, a Sony Radio Academy Gold Award winning radio show and podcast produced for the BBC and featuring guests from scientists to doctors to comedians to Brian Blessed.

Occasional guest, Eric Idle (of Monty Python) wrote and recorded a theme song for the show with ELO’s Jeff Lynne and Trunkman Productions created, produced and directed the video clip for Eric and the BBC, featuring the ever popular puppet versions of Robin and Brian as well as a puppet version of Eric Idle himself, complete with ukulele. 

The clip has been seen worldwide as part of the BBC’s promotion for the show and has received over 200,000 views online.The video has also formed part of Robin and Brian’s international tours where it has been seen by hundreds of thousands of fans.

The Robin and Brian puppets have also featured in Monkey Cage shows recorded at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe and in early 2015, to help launch the new season, the real Brian was joined by his puppet self on The One Show.