“This is stupid, I’m never going to need calculus in the real world!”

And such is the cry of a great many high school students across Britain, and the world.

So in 2016, the Further Maths Support Programme set stand up mathematician Matt Parker the task of going out and finding five people who used proper A Level maths in their every day jobs. There was to be no cheating – no academics or maths teachers allowed – only regular people using real maths in their roles.

And so, teamed up with Trunkman Productions, Matt traveled up and down the country to talk to a theme park ride designer, a vet, an engineer, an auto trader and a satellite tracker to find out about more their jobs and where exactly scatter plots and deviations from the mean slotted in.

Along the way we fired up a turbine, rode a rollercoaster, took blood from a cat and a whole lot more.

The films will be released later this year.