About Us

Trunkman produces its own creative multimedia content, as well as a wide range of projects for our corporate clients. 

Trunkman’s original content revolves around science communication and entertainment.  We love asking questions, examining ideas and exploring all corners of the universe (if the universe had corners) and we want our audiences to come along and enjoy learning with us. From children’s science adventure web series, The Quest for Wonder and our live events combining science and comedy to feature length documentary The Empty Niche and the groundbreaking  The Incomplete Map of the Cosmic Genome science app, Trunkman challenges you to get curious. Have a wander around our site to learn more.

In the corporate arena Trunkman are specialists in the creation of online multimedia content.  Viral videos, instructional videos, chroma key, showreels, digitisation services, website creation, promotional and sizzle reels and much more.  Our services have been employed by a multitude of clients on a wide variety of projects from internal training videos to multi camera live events to mass appeal online virals.  Depending on your needs, we can provide end to end production services, act as creative consultants, or offer production or post production expertise.  You can find out more on the services page.

Our Story


Trunkman Productions was founded in 2001 in Fremantle, Western Australia, by current co-director Trent Burton.

Our first comedy short film in 2001 placed us runner up in the Perth Screen Academy Festival that year and following that Trunkman has produced a wide variety of original content including short films, documentaries, plays and more.  All this laid the bedrock for what Trunkman is today as we’ve also told comedic stories with a rational or scientific bent.  Whether that is short films about misunderstandings with Carl Sagan who documentaries about mathematician poker players.

In 2003 we created and began production on the first ever sitcom in Western Australia, Love on the Box.  The show was viewed, nationwide by over one million people and received a number of award nominations, including earning Trent a Young Australian of the Year award.

Company Directors